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Classic Club

The Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic is proud to offer past hunt participants the opportunity to join the “Classic Club”, an exclusive club for our alumni members. Members of the Classic Club are afforded the following benefits:

  • Lifetime invitation to the Ringneck Classic – Yearly invitations, preliminary hunt agenda and cost will be mailed to Classic Club members each year – Registration for the 2014 hunt will begin in July
  • Access to great pheasant hunting – The Classic rotates yearly among several Northwest Kansas communities
  • An opportunity to help preserve our hunting tradition through continued conservation and educational funding
  • A great chance to network with celebrities, government leaders and members of the business community
  • The opportunity to nominate future Ringneck Classic participants

Hunt participants are encouraged to contact the administrative office at 785-671-1000 or Jim Millensifer: 785-953-1139 for further information on club membership.

The Classic Club Membership Form

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