Cajun Grilled Dove

Cajun Doves

Dove Hunters!  Time to start cooking up those dove you just harvested.  What does Hank Shaw, Hunter Angler Gardner Cook, recommend?

I love grilled doves. Doves and squab, which is a domestic pigeon, are generally low in fat but tender, so they grill really well. Both should be served pink inside — medium-rare to medium, in my book — and both take a good Cajun or Creole spice rub really well.

This recipe is ridiculously simple: Toss doves with the spice rub. Let them site awhile, then grill over high heat until the skin is crispy and the meat is cooked.

You can substitute literally any spices for this. Porcini powder is a good one, and so would French quatre epices. Hell, even lemon pepper or that standard Italian seasoning you see in stores would work. Experiment.

One thing: Please use whole doves here, not breasts. Doves and pigeons are so easy to pluck it is a crime not to serve them whole.

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