Goodland, KS To Host the Classic

Goodland Chamber of Commerce
Goodland, KS

Goodland, Kansas has been selected to host the 2015 Classic Hunt.  The Board of Directors congratulates and welcomes Goodland, and all of Sherman County to the Ringneck Classic Team.

July 28, 2014

Goodland, Kansas awarded the 2015 Classic Hunt

Oakley, KS, July 28, 2014– The Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic Board of Directors voted unanimously to add Goodland to the Northwest Kansas annual pheasant hunt rotation that includes Oakley, Norton & Graham County, and this year’s host, Scott City & Healy.

Jim Millensifer, Chairman of the Ringneck Classic Board of Directors said “the Board of Directors congratulates and welcomes Goodland, and all of Sherman County to the Ringneck Classic team. Today’s announcement furthers the vision of Governor Brownback to include all of Northwest Kansas in this event.”

Donna Price, Executive Director of the Sherman County Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Carol McClure-Schutte, local business owner, submitted the application.  Price has gathered the enthusiastic support of landowners, business owners, and organizations.  With the help of many in her community, McClure-Schutte will coordinate the 2015 event.

“I think this event recognizes the community’s continual efforts to present its best”, said Price.  The Governor’s hunt will highlight that in 2015.”

Carol McClure-Schutte, inspired by the 2013 event hosted by Norton and Graham County, made it her mission to bring the Ringneck Classic to Goodland and Sherman County.

“The planning efforts ahead will serve to highlight the best of what we have to offer”, said McClure-Schutte.  “We’ll celebrate with a great event and in doing so generate recognition and support for our Northwest Kansas community.”

Governor Sam Brownback initiated the hunt in 2011 as a showcase for Northwest Kansas as the premier destination for pheasant hunting and Goodland provides some of the best hunting opportunities in Northwest Kansas.  The county maintains thousands of acres for sustainable bird populations.  With the generous addition of private land and landowners’ commitment to maintain upland bird habitat, the county attracts hunters from around the country and world.

The Kansas Governor’s Ringneck Classic is committed to contributing to Northwest Kansas, the youth of our communities, habitat improvement and wildlife conservation.  Proceeds from community events allow the host city to support local and regional programs and organizations.

If you would like more information, please contact James Millensifer at 785-953-1139 or email at