Rockin’ Rooster Sandwich

Rockin' Rooster Sandwich

Pheasants Forever / Gamebird Gourmet 

If I had a “claim to fame” among my friends, this dish would be it. While in college, I created a play on the standard buffalo chicken sandwich. The secrets of the recipe include homemade buffalo sauce, a dollop of ranch, and thick slices of Texas Toast

Chicken was my go-to source of protein back then, so I figured why not mix things up and give pheasant a try today? That’s exactly what I did and low and behold it turned out fantastic! The heat from the homemade buffalo sauce counterbalances perfectly with the cool, refreshing ranch – and did I mention the pheasant is fried in lard? Pour a drink and turn on your favorite playlist, we are about to bring these roosters from the forest to fork.
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